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American English Language School (AELS) is an adult English language school located in Brea (right next to Fullerton and Yorba Linda), Orange County, one of the most comfortable areas to live in California. Since its creation in 2008, AELS has made every effort to find the most effective educational methods with the goal of teaching local American English. As a result of these efforts, AELS has developed an educational system that incorporates its own educational philosophy.

The differentiated education system that AELS offers is based on effective and diverse educational content developed in-house with careful supervision of academic achievement, immediate academic performance feedback, in-depth local culture/life experience activities, quality education, and teaching management to maintain passionate and friendly class sessions.

The goal is to maximize the development of practical conversational English skills in a short period of time by way of a small number of class members taught by 100% native speakers. AELS has refrained from the existing language school system in order to improve the students' effective conversational skills. We are also centered on only a small number of students in the form of 8-to-1 classes. This is because conversation-oriented classes that require active participation and provide immediate feedback from English teachers can maximize learning efficiency. In addition, the affordable tuition at AELS provides a reasonable and economical choice for students, as compared to other academic institutions operating classes of medium and large sizes.

AELS has a proven ESL program that has earned accreditation from the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA), a professional certification agency for English education in the United States. We offer a variety of supplemental learning opportunities, including book clubs and diary entries in English. You can communicate intimately with your instructors on these topics. Brea is a great place to study as well as to experience the warm, mild climate and the lifestyle of Southern California. You can enjoy the beautiful, high-income neighborhoods and the crime-free nature of the city. There are also a variety of local attractions, including Disneyland and the nearby city of Los Angeles.

For valuable, efficient, and exciting US language training, AELS will be the best option. We are ready to help you with all aspects of your English language program, from the language school application and F-1 visa acquisition to navigating local life. If you have any plans to study English now or in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.


American English Language School's mission is to provide the highest quality English-language learning experience for students who want either conversational or academic proficiency in order to live, work, or study in an English-speaking environment. By maintaining a low student/instructor ratio and a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on life skill development and cultural immersion, we ensure that the AELS experience is uniquely rewarding for our students.

"The classes are specialized to meet different needs from various students."

Max Z.

Accreditation and License

CEA (Commission on English Language Accreditation) Accredited Site: The American English Language School is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period August 2019 through August 2029 and agrees to uphold the CEA standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S.

SEVP/SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program): SEVP operates on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security to keep information on international non-immigrants who hold student visas. SEVIS is the online database used by SEVP. AELS has been approved to use SEVIS in order to issue I-20 forms for international students and transfer students.

BPPE (Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education): The BPPE monitors the operations and standards of private education facilities to protect students and maintain quality in California. AELS has been approved to operate by the BPPE and remains in compliance with the BPPE's standards.

TESOL Member (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages): We have members of TESOL that bring a level of professionalism not found in all language schools. Teachers receive annual training through TESOL conferences to stay current in the field of language education.

Authorized TOEFL iBT Testing Center: The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a valuable tool used by colleges to determine whether international students have enough English skill to attend college in America. We are a certified TOEFL testing center and administer tests approximately two-three times per month.

Authorized OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer) Testing Center: The OPIc test is used by many overseas companies to determine sufficient English skills prior to hiring a new employee. AELS is an authorized OPIc testing center.

I-20 Form: The I-20 form is issued by an educational institution and allows students to apply for an F-1 visa. AELS can issue the I-20 form to approved applicants.

ESL Teachers


Best Language School in Orange County, California

Orange County, located between Los Angeles County and San Diego County, is the sixth largest county in the United States and the third most populated region in California. With Disneyland, California Adventure, beautiful beaches and other natural landscapes such as Newport and Laguna Beach, you can enjoy sunny Southern California all year round. This county is home to Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and many other beautiful cities, with many two-year and four-year universities, including UC Irvine, California State University Fullerton (CSU Fullerton), and Chapman University.

Brea (right next to Fullerton and Yorba Linda) is a friendly middle-class city with a population of 40,000 people in Orange County. It is a very safe city with its own police force and within walking distance of AELS, there are many shopping and dining areas and many other places to enjoy. Brea is only 40 minutes away from Los Angeles and 1 hour 30 minutes from San Diego by car. You can enjoy many beaches, attractions, and theme parks within an hour's time. The California Western College of Law, California State University Fullerton (CSU Fullerton), California State University Los Angeles(CSULA), Fullerton College, Chapman University, Hope International University, Biola University, Azusa Pacific Christian College, University of La Verne are not far from AELS, so you can easily visit and experience American campus culture.


ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers must have sufficient knowledge of the language acquisition process and understand the difficulties encountered when learning English as an adult. Also, students should be able to understand the cultural background of English and use this knowledge for effective English learning.

Therefore, ESL teachers must have majored in English-related field, they must have an English language teaching certificate (such as TESOL), and they should have sufficient ESL teaching experience.

However,even though the impact of ESL teachers is clearly important for learning English, not all schools employ ESL teachers with the appropriate professional training. It is a fact that many of the language schools are hiring local college students, people who are not English language majors, and people who are not even native speakers. As you might imagine, the lessons taught by these non-professional ESL teachers are inferior in both quality and efficiency.

In addition to qualifications, teachers must have a passion for, and commitment to, teaching ESL as a profession. They should be interested in their students and be both kind and sincere. Because such ESL instructors understand the situation of international students well, they can maintain good relations with students, provide necessary help and advice to students, and concentrate on the shortcomings of students.

AELS instructors are 100% native English speakers with an English-related degree or TESOL certification. They also have sufficient ESL training and experience. AELS instructors are passionate, sincere, kind, and attentive in managing student performance. AELS and its students demand a lot from our teachers, so they must be highly qualified. All instructors at AELS possess a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree from a fully accredited four-year university and have ESL/ELD teaching experience. They also hold memberships with TESOL, an association that supports English language teachers and helps them grow professionally. Additionally, and most importantly, all of our instructors love to teach.

DOJ & FBI Clearance

Prior to hiring any new employees, AELS requires that a background check be performed on the applicant. This means that the applicant must get fingerprinted at a government-approved fingerprinting facility, which will allow AELS access to the applicant’s criminal history. Providing a safe environment for our students is of utmost concern for AELS and is taken into account when making each and every hiring decision.

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