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Giving Our Students What They Want

December 15, 2016

Here at Optimus Language School, it seems that most students travelling from all over the world to the Orange County area to study English have some expectations in common of what our language classes should offer them. While all aspects of language acquisition are important, and we practice them all here at OLS, we choose to put special importance into some key elements of the language teaching process. By doing this, we provide our students with what they really want and need from the class.

It has become especially clear to us here at Optimus Language School that speaking and listening are the two aspects of language acquisition that our students want to practice most. In addition to our unique approach to reading and writing, each class sets special focus on helping every student to practice their speaking and listening skills with a native English speaker. Many students have studied the English language prior to them starting at OLS. While reading and writing are easy enough to study out of a textbook, it is exceedingly difficult to practice speaking and listening without help from an English speaker. When it comes to speaking nearly any language, the devil is in the details. Our small class ratio allows us to delve into the details and fix every student’s pronunciation and grammar on a daily basis.

In an effort to put our small class ratios to their best possible use, we spend extensive amounts of time here at OLS engaging each student in meaningful conversation over the course of each class session. With a maximum class size of four students, each student has the chance to speak and have that speaking corrected, when needed, by the teacher. What’s more, small class sizes offer worthwhile opportunities for students to discuss important topics not only with their teacher but with their fellow classmates as well. Making sure every student in the classroom is heard equally not only boosts our student’s self-confidence, but it gives the highest number of opportunities to improve our student’s speaking and listening skills through regular correction.

Small ratio classrooms are the key to our success here at Optimus Language School in Orange County, California. In a large classroom, it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to get the most out of speaking and listening practice. With our small classes, we gain the luxury of being able to offer our students worthwhile speaking and listening practice every day. Call, click, or some in today, and see how we here at OLS can help to improve your speaking and listening!

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