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DS-160 Form: Do It Yourself!

April 15, 2017

Completing the DS-160 Form (Nonimmigrant Visa Application) is easier than you might think and helps teach you the American way of living. Many people in the past have been known to hire someone to help them with their DS-160 form in fear of doing it wrong, but things are changing. People are beginning to understand that filling out the application on your own will help you in more ways than one.

First, you may be asking what is the American way? The American way is best known as the "do it yourself way". People that have a problem with their car do not always take it to the dealership to get it fixed anymore. They are starting to learn how to fix their car on their own and do it themselves without hiring and paying someone else. This is important to a person coming from another country and expecting to live here. Learning how to do tasks on your own will make you a better citizen in America and will also help save you money. The first step to doing things your own is to begin by filling out the DS-160 Form on your own. If a person applying for a nonimmigrant visa can successfully fill out and complete the form they will have a better chance of having success in America.

Being able to fill out and complete the DS-160 Form successfully will not only get you the nonimmigrant visa you are trying to get, but it will also build your self-confidence. Self-confidence is having trust in yourself and your own judgment. How will it build your self-confidence? It will help build your self-confidence by showing that you can successfully complete a simple form on your own and you do not need someone else's help to complete small tasks. A person coming to America from another country may not have a lot of support and will eventually need to learn how to live on their own or communicate without the help of others. Learning how to fill out the DS-160 on your own is very important and will help build your self-confidence and teach you the beginning of the American way.

A couple questions that may come up before filling out the form include:

1) What documents do I need to have with me when I complete the DS-160?

            - Passport

            - Travel itinerary

            - Dates of your last five visits to the United States (if you previously traveled to the United States)

            - Resume

2) Can my answers be in my native language? (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French...)

            - No. All answers must be completed in English

The reason you should have all of your documents prepared with you is to be certain that you do not forget to include any information. The best thing to do when filling out this application is to always tell the complete truth. All of the answers must be written in English because that is the language most common in America and that is the language you will most likely be using to communicate in the United States.

Remember that when you fill out the DS-160 Form (Nonimmigrant Visa Application), you should be completely prepared with all information. Completing this application on your own will be the first step in learning the American way and building self-confidence for your stay in America. Last but not least, always be truthful when filling out this application!

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