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DS-160 Form: It’s Not That Hard!

June 9, 2017

   Filing for a Visa interview may be intimidating, but OLS is here to tell you that you can do it on your own! The first step is to fill out the DS-160 Form with all of your information. Many people worry about not filling out the information on a DS-160 Form correctly but it is not that hard. Simply fill out your name, address, phone number, and any other personal information it asks for. The DS-160 Form is not an English proficiency test.

We want to encourage students to fill out the DS-160 Form on their own because that will help them be successful in America. In America it is our culture to complete tasks on our own without asking other people for help. For example, if you need your house painted then you will go and research how to paint your house and do it yourself. A lot of Americans do not hire workers for small tasks they need to complete.

Completing the DS-160 Form on your own will help build your confidence and it will show you that you do not always need to pay someone to help you. How will it build your confidence? It will build confidence by demonstrating your ability to fill out a simple form and showing your independence.

The DS-160 Form is not testing your English Proficiency. The visa interview is not a test. The reason each person goes through the visa interview process is to make sure the reason they are coming to America is a good and legitimate reason. During the visa interview process if they feel you are trying to come to America for other reasons then they will not permit you to come to America. Just make sure to double check all of your work! Your success depends on how bad you want to be successful. If you have any questions while filling out the DS-160 Form, feel free to email us at and we will respond with information to help make your journey a little easier.

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