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OLS Guarantee Program

September 27, 2017

At Optimus Language School, our Guarantee Program is unrivaled compared to those of any other language school in the area. Not only are we confident in our instruction, but we genuinely care about the prosperity of our students that we would go so far to offer 3 MONTHS (one quarter) of additional instruction FOR FREE  ($3,000 total value) to those students who do not meet the necessary OPIc assessment score at the end of the program. We are proud to say that we are the only language school that offers an incredible deal like this! On top off of that, we offer the OPIc assessment, which is administered at the beginning and end of the program, free of charge. That is a total value of $140 which is free if you join us here at Optimus Language School and pay one year in advance.

It is possible that some students may not score as well as others, which may be an indication that those students may need an extra amount of time for instruction and that is perfectly normal! This is why we established our Guarantee Program; we want to do everything in our power to help our students meet and exceed their goals. With that said, you can leave Optimus Language School confident in the fact that our instructors will ensure that your English skills will prosper in the real world.

For more information on our ESL program, please visit our website at , call us at (714) 990-4657or email us at Get started with Optimus Language School, knowing that you are guaranteed to improve your English skills!

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American English Language School opened in 2008 as a full-immersion English language school in Orange County, California. We are a SEVIS approved language school in Orange County, California. (A SEVP certified language school in Orange County, California.) We offer admission to both international and local students who wish to immerse themselves in the English language and American culture. If you want to study English in Orange County or participate in an ESL / TOEFL program in Orange County, American English Language School in Brea is the place for you! American English Language School is near Fullerton and Yorba Linda if you want to attend ESL class in the Fullerton and Yorba Linda area.