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Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish

October 2, 2017

When words are translated from another language to English, they do not always translate correctly. Every week at OLS we create videos to help students who speak Chinese, Korean, and Japanese learn translations that may be confusing to them.

Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish are informal languages that mix English with the specific language. For example, Chinglish is the mixture of English and Chinese. In our Chinglish videos we include words or phrases that translate from Chinese to English differently. Throughout the video we point out common mistakes that Chinese people make. Our native speaking English teachers help correct students’ pronunciation of the words or phrases and also their definitions.

An example of a common correction that we make is when Chinese people use the phrase “fire chicken” to describe a turkey. We will go over that the proper phrase to use is turkey and not fire chicken. Please follow the link to our Youtube channel and watch all of our informative videos

All of our videos are on Youtube under the name “Optimus Language School”. Our Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish videos are very informative and help students learn the correct words or phrases to use. Come into Optimus Language School today and learn more about how we film fun videos for Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish.

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