American English Language School


Our Guarantee Program

December 20, 2017

Optimus Language School has many approaches and policies that set us apart from our competitors. Yet nothing is more unique than our Guarantee Program - you will not find a promise like this at any other language school!

Here at Optimus, we are confident in the quality of our program, curriculum and instructors. We have put time and effort into creating a unique education experience for students desiring to learn English. In fact, we are so convinced that this is the best place to learn English that we have a guarantee for you. If a student registers and pays a year in advance, he or she can take a speaking assessment twice. This assessment is called the Oral Proficiency Interview - computer (OPIc), and it gauges an individual’s English-speaking skill level through a simulated interview conversation on the computer. Though taking this twice would normally be a $140 value, those students who pay and register a year in advance will not be charged. They will take it once at the beginning of the year and then again at the end of the year. Based on these scores, if the student has not sufficiently progressed after a year at Optimus, he or she will receive an additional quarter (three months) of instruction for free.

Why do we offer this guarantee program? Because we believe that both teacher and student are equally responsible in the learning process. We don’t expect you to simply come, listen to instruction, and then bear the burden of improving your English skills on your own. We are here to give you an involved, individualized experience. Each teacher here cares deeply about their students’ improvement and success. We don’t want you for your money. We want each student to walk away from Optimus confident in their understanding and practice of the English language. We want it so much that we won’t let you walk away until we can guarantee your success, and we are confident that you will be successful at Optimus Language School. 

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American English Language School opened in 2008 as a full-immersion English language school in Orange County, California. We are a SEVIS approved language school in Orange County, California. (A SEVP certified language school in Orange County, California.) We offer admission to both international and local students who wish to immerse themselves in the English language and American culture. If you want to study English in Orange County or participate in an ESL program in Orange County, American English Language School in Brea is the place for you! American English Language School is near Fullerton and Yorba Linda if you want to attend ESL class in the Fullerton and Yorba Linda area.