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What Makes Optimus Unique: E-Learning Program

January 4, 2018

Finally, one additional program offered through Optimus Language School is an online program free of charge to international students. This is known as an E-Learning preparatory course which future Optimus students are expected to take prior to arriving in the US.

This program provides students with basic conversational English skills that they will need prior to enrolling in an Optimus ESL course. This ensures that students who begin courses will already have a basic foundational level in English, therefore increasing chances of success.

The E-Learning program allows international students to study in their home countries prior to making a major decision to spend money on immigration and enrollment at Optimus. Such a requirement helps to eliminate certain prospective students who take education less seriously and are less likely to be successful.

At other language schools, on the other hand, some ESL courses are offered to students with little to no prior background in English, such as courses in Beginning Literacy. This level is designed for students whose native language uses characters different from those used in English, as well as for those who never learned to read and write in their native tongue.

Although students in other language programs are generally motivated, there are some who struggle and others who are unable to regularly attend class due to personal obligations, and no online program is offered. Such hindrances combined with larger class sizes inhibited some students from making necessary progress towards the next level.

The structure of the E-Learning program offered through Optimus assures that students who pass the quizzes will be at a level of readiness necessary for further learning, retention, and success. Possessing a solid foundation in basic English prior to enrollment eliminates some of the common problems seen in typical beginner-level ESL courses, such as embarrassment and frustration when struggling to learn new material and concepts.

At Optimus, the provision of free textbooks is only for the first quarter and only for students with a ninety percent average (90%) on E-Learning quizzes. Such a deal is likely to increase motivation and desire to learn in all students who enroll in the program.

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