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F-1 Visa/I-20 Reinstatement

March 8, 2018

While students have an F-1 visa in the United States, they must obtain to the rules specified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Student's who do not follow the rules and regulations that have been assigned will have their F-1 visa terminated. Some reasons an F-1 Visa/I-20 will be terminated are:

The student is known to be outside the United States.
The student has been outside the United States for five months or longer.
The student did not enroll for a full course of study.
The student was expelled from his or her current program of study.
The student is suspended.
The student has not maintained status.

The previous list contains a few reasons why someone's F-1 visa/I-20 can be terminated. There is no specific time limit how long it will take to get reinstated. It has been reported in some cases that it has taken between 6-9 months for some students to get their F1 visa/I-20 reinstated.

In the situation that your F1 visa/I-20 has been terminated, you must apply for reinstatement. You must schedule an appointment with our director/assistant director to discuss your options for regaining your F1 status. OLS will create a new I-20 for your reinstatement application. The final step is to pay the fees and file your reinstatement. Optimus Language School is here to assist you if you need any help. Please feel free to send us an email if you are not sure what steps to take to get reinstated.

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