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Why We Insist a Quarterly System

July 12, 2018

Optimus Language School in Orange County, California, is very different from any other language-learning institution for a variety of reasons. One of those differences is asking our students to sign up for an entire quarter of class instead of just going by a monthly schedule. Our classes run for twelve weeks, which provides our students more time to study and try out their new language skills in conversation. Our quarterly system at Optimus Language School is essential to making sure our students have a positive and productive learning experience.

Optimus Language School uses a quarterly system in order to give our students the best language-learning experience and the most for their money. Unlike most language schools, Optimus asks our students to sign up before the start date of the upcoming quarter to ensure that our students will not miss anything. By signing up beforehand, the students won’t have missed any lessons and will get to know their classmates so that they are comfortable enough to participate often in our small ratio classes. We believe in a small ratio class having no more than eight students per class because this allows for more participation, more conversation, and a more individualized language-learning experience for our students. Instead of only a four-week experience that most students in other language programs get, Optimus gives our students twelve weeks with the same teacher and the same classmates so they can see their own English skills thrive.

Another reason that Optimus Learning School follows a quarterly system is so that we can include a midterm week, finals week, and a week of cultural exploration as a part of our class schedule. After four chapters of textbook instruction, we have a midterm week where our students will review the topics, vocabulary, and grammar they have learned so far through a variety of games, conversations, listening activities, video activities, and much more. This allows our students to further expand their English skills and also gain a better awareness and understanding of American culture in the process. The students will also have a final’s week after we finish the textbook instruction, in which they will practice all they have learned throughout the whole quarter in preparation for their final. The midterm and final exams make it clear whether students have fully grasped the lessons they have learned at Optimus, and instructors can see exactly which skills students might need more help with in the future.

After working so hard on their final exams, students get an opportunity to have a lot of fun using their authentic English skills during the last week of the quarter by participating in our culture week. It is a great segue between the end of one quarter and the start of the next. During culture week, we do a variety of activities outside of the classroom to practice English in a real-life setting. These kinds of activities could not take place in a program with classes lasting only one month. It is because of our quarterly system that our students get to study more and prove their skills during a midterm, final, and culture week.

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