American English Language School


At American English Language School, we monitor our student's academic process very carefully to ensure the best academic support and guidance. AELS values our student's education and wants to make sure the best help is available to them. By using academic progress reports, teachers will know precisely how their students are doing and what they can do to improve.

Along with progress reports, our teachers will also write comments for all assignments so that the student may improve on the next one. These comments are written every Friday and are based on their participation in class, their weekly assignments, and tests. Teachers will always note on how the student is doing and what they can do to improve.

Students can access these comments by logging into their accounts. Students may also view test and assignment grades online. For our ESL program, we have a listening assignment, writing assignment, activity project, and a unit test for every week of study. All of those grades will be posted on Friday so that students can check how they are doing. AELS wants students to be able to access their progress at any time so that they can continue improving their English skills.

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American English Language School opened in 2008 as a full-immersion English language school in Orange County, California. We are a SEVIS approved language school in Orange County, California. (A SEVP certified language school in Orange County, California.) We offer admission to both international and local students who wish to immerse themselves in the English language and American culture. If you want to study English in Orange County or participate in an ESL / TOEFL program in Orange County, American English Language School in Brea is the place for you! American English Language School is near Fullerton and Yorba Linda if you want to attend ESL class in the Fullerton and Yorba Linda area.