American English Language School


American English Language School’s mission is to ensure that all our students gain valuable knowledge and advance their English. In aligning with our mission, we expect our students to attend class regularly. By regularly attending class, students will be able to participate and engage in utilizing their English skills.
Furthermore, attendance is an essential factor for students who have an F-1 visa. The AELS program requires students to attend classes for 20 hours a week, and it is our policy to enforce an 80% attendance rate.

AELS does not condone multiple absences for the following reasons. Firstly, students who do not regularly attend class tend to have to get caught up with the lessons they have missed. Absences may cause the other student to have to review information from lessons that they have already mastered. Secondly, a student who regularly misses class may not be serious in their pursuit of learning English. These students do not hold themselves with the standards AELS expect our students to embody.

Lastly, multiple absences can create an unconducive learning environment. Students who are consistently absent are not able to contribute to class and are not able to develop sociable bonds with their classmates. We at AELS want to ensure that all our students achieve their English goals and attendance plays an integral role in a student’s accomplishment.

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American English Language School opened in 2008 as a full-immersion English language school in Orange County, California. We are a SEVIS approved language school in Orange County, California. (A SEVP certified language school in Orange County, California.) We offer admission to both international and local students who wish to immerse themselves in the English language and American culture. If you want to study English in Orange County or participate in an ESL / TOEFL program in Orange County, American English Language School in Brea is the place for you! American English Language School is near Fullerton and Yorba Linda if you want to attend ESL class in the Fullerton and Yorba Linda area.