American English Language School


Culture Week

October 23, 2019

At the end of the quarter, after finishing the textbook, tests, and finals, American English Language School has culture week. Our culture week is for students to relax and have fun while also learning about American culture. Students will go shopping at the local mall, watch a movie at a movie theatre, have a potluck, visit a university, or anywhere else their teacher wants his/her students to learn about American culture. Students will be able to practice their listening and speaking skills they have worked on throughout the quarter in a fun and interactive way. They will be given the opportunity to order food from restaurants, learn how to buy new clothing, or talk about popular American media. Being able to communicate effectively in real-world scenarios helps students feel confident using English outside of the classroom while also showing they can be just as much a part of America as a native can. 

That is why we created our culture week. We want our students to be able to go out and conversate in English with others outside of the classroom.  When students are coming to America for the first time, they can be shy and afraid to go out and explore their new city. That is why we help students to have new experiences and maybe new interests that they may not have otherwise. We also want students to feel more comfortable interacting with others in English. After culture week, we want students to continue using English outside of the classroom, and they are more likely to if they are confident in their abilities.

Culture week also gives students a chance to share their own culture. We want students to learn about the other cultures of their classmates, as well. One opportunity is our potluck. Students can bring in a famous dish from their culture to share with their class. Students will have a feast while learning about each other's different cultures.

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