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English Idioms #3

August 2, 2016

We know that when it comes to opinions and preferences, it’s okay if people don’t all agree on the same things! Here are some great idioms to use when you find yourself “being of a different mind.”

 -at the top of my list: use this when you want to show that you are very excited and enthusiastic about doing something

Ex: “Skydiving sounds like such a thrilling experience. It is definitely at the top of my list!”

-whatever toots your horn: you should do whatever makes you happy

Ex: “I don’t think that would be a good job for you, but whatever toots your horn.”

-different strokes for different folks: some people do things differently than others

Ex: “I would never paint my house green like that, but different strokes for different folks, I guess!”

-not my cup of tea: that action or item is not your favorite

Ex: “It took me six hours to write my essay yesterday. Essays are not my cup of tea at all.”

-I’m not really a fan: you dislike something a little

Ex: “I’m not really a fan of polka dots. I think they make me look like a little girl.”

-I can’t stand it when…: to dislike something so much that you don’t like being around when it happens

Ex: “I can’t stand it when you leave your wet towel on the floor!”

-to be of a different mind: to have a different feeling or opinion about a matter

Ex: “I guess we are of a different mind about that because I don’t enjoy that at all.”

-keep an open mind: to try something new without judging it right away

Ex: “You have to keep an open mind about food when you travel to other countries.”

-give it a shot: to try something new

Ex: “I’ve never had black licorice, but I’ll give it a shot!”

-give it your all: try your best at something
         Ex: "It's okay if you don't win. Just give it your all and we'll be proud of you!"

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