End of Quarter Announcements

End of Quarter Announcements

Our fourth quarter is finally ending! Although this quarter was a little different than usual, we still made the best of it. Our students cannot do much travel or sightseeing during their week off, but we hope they can still enjoy their break. Here are some announcements we have for our students as our quarter comes to a close.

First, during break, it is a good idea for students to keep learning. We encourage our students to keep practicing their English in many forms. We recommend reading an English book, listening to English music, watching English television, or having conversations in English (within a safe distance, of course).

Next, since our quarter is ending, that means our next assessment test is coming up! Students take an assessment test before starting their ESL course so that we can place them at the appropriate level. The assessment test consists of reading, listening, and speaking, so if you are taking the assessment test, take some time to sharpen your English skills!

Onward, our next quarter begins on Monday, January 4. We are excited about the new students who will be joining our ESL classes this quarter, and of course, excited to see our returning students!

Last, on Monday, April 5th, our second quarter of the year will begin. We are now accepting applications for students who wish to enroll in our ESL program. The application and tuition deadline for this quarter will be on MARCH 1st. To find more information about our ESL program, visit our Programs page to learn more. To apply to AELS, visit our Admissions page for more information.

We hope our students have a wonderful week off, and we look forward to seeing them next quarter. Happy new year from American English Language School!

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Published on December 28, 2020

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