10 Songs to Listen to that Will Improve Your English

10 Songs to Listen to that Will Improve Your English

If you want to really improve your English quickly, you must immerse yourself in the language. That means reading, listening, watching, and speaking in English, even outside of the classroom.

Students want to improve their English, so they enroll in our ESL course. However, plenty of students only practice their English in the classroom. A fun way to maximize your English language learning experience is to listen to English music. Don't know where to start to find English songs to help you improve your English? Keep reading to find out some songs that are catchy and can help you learn! 

  1. Water Under the Bridge by Adele: Adele is famous for her powerful voice. This is a slow song about moving on. The song is easy to understand and full of plenty of new words to add to your vocabulary. Even the title is a common English idiom.
  1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran:This a great song by Ed Sheeran. He may have a British accent, but his pronunciation is clear and it is great to listen to how different accents sound.
  1. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars: In this song, Bruno Mars sings about the things that he does (or doesn’t do). The song is simple and his voice is easy to understand. It is also full of common English slang.
  1. Stand by Me by Ben E. King: This classic is a great song for beginners because of its simple lyrics and repetition.
  1. Closer by The Chainsmokers: This is a very catchy song that has a fun beat and catchy lyrics. This song is a great song to practice English while having fun.
  1. Every Breath You Take by The Police: The lyrics in this song rhyme and have common English idioms.
  1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol: This is another slow song. The lyrics are sung clearly, and the imagery is simple.
  1. Treat You Better by Shawn Mendez: This is a romantic song about a man trying to convince a girl that he can-can you guess by the title of the song? Treat her better than her boyfriend. The song has slow and easy to understand lyrics.
  1. Love Me Now by John Legend: Love Me Now is another romantic song. It is slow and his voice is easy to understand. He uses a lot of repetition that helps you to remember the lyrics easier.
  1. Love on the Brain by Rihanna: Rihanna’s popular music is not for English beginners. Her pronunciation is sometimes difficult to hear. However, her singing in this song is clear and easy to understand.

To enhance your experience, use headphones so that you can hear all the words clearly. You will most likely need to repeat the song multiple times, and if you are listening to music online, you should replay the more difficult parts of the song. After listening to the songs a few times, try to sing along. If you still have some trouble making out the words, you can find the lyrics on Google or YouTube to read along while listening to the song. 


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Published on January 7, 2021

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