The Best English School to Improve Speaking

The Best English School to Improve Speaking

American English Language School is a different type of language school. While other language schools let you enroll whenever you like, AELS has specific course start dates. Having no rolling enrollment allows students to feel comfortable because they are with the same students throughout the 12 weeks in their ESL class. This way, you are more comfortable talking and participating in the class. Moreover, at AELS, we keep our class sizes to a maximum of 6 students to help you feel more comfortable and get plenty of chances to speak. Our language school emphasizes the importance of English conversation. If your goal is to improve your speaking, then American English Language School is the right language school for you. 

A major benefit that our students receive from enrolling in our language school is the immediate feedback that they receive from their teachers. Since most classes are around 3-4 students, you will have countless opportunities to speak. In other language schools, when there are 10-15 people in your class, your teacher cannot always listen to everyone talk and will have students share with other students in the classroom instead. When you are practicing your speaking or pronunciation with others who are learning English, they may not be able to hear any pronunciation or grammar errors. When you have an AELS teacher listening to you speak, they can correct any errors right away! 

Furthermore, smaller class sizes help you to feel more comfortable participating in class. Sometimes when you are in a larger class, you don't feel comfortable volunteering in class. At AELS, you are with the same students that you began the course with. The first week is full of ice breakers and getting to know each other activities to help you feel more comfortable with your classmates. We do not want you to feel embarrassed or scared to ask or answer questions, and with smaller class sizes, you won't. 

Another way our classes improve your speaking is our weekly activity project. Your activity project is a weekly presentation related to the topics that you went over that week. Each student will take turns presenting their activity project and answering any questions that others may have. It allows you to practice speaking while also showing your comprehension of the material for the week. 

So if you are trying to practice or improve your speaking, AELS is the language school for you. You will have infinite opportunities to ask questions, participate in group discussions, or just talk to your teachers and classmates. Email today to get started on improving your speaking skills!

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Published on May 19, 2021

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