Healthy and Unhealthy Health Habits

Healthy and Unhealthy Health Habits

Did you know there are two different types of health? There’s physical health—health related to your body, both fitness and nutrition, and then there’s mental health—health related to your mind and psychological well-being. What are some ways to make sure that you are healthy both physically and mentally? Our students like to go for walks and ride their bikes to be physically fit while spending time with their friends and family helps to maintain their mental health.  

Last week, students in our ESL program learned all about health. Students started learning by studying vocabulary related to the different types of doctors and what they do. They created questions that various types of doctors would ask about their health habits and symptoms, and students discussed how to describe different possible symptoms. 

Students also discussed their own healthy and unhealthy habits. Some common healthy behaviors students mentioned were getting enough sleep, drinking a lot of water, walking, reading, and eating fruits and vegetables. Some common unhealthy habits mentioned were watching a lot of television, eating junk food, and smoking. Can you think of some of the healthy and unhealthy health habits that you have now? A common unhealthy behavior that our students noticed they shared was not getting enough sleep, and a common healthy behavior students observed was riding their bikes for exercise. 

For their activity project last week, students worked together to create a community health pamphlet. They reviewed the different types of doctors, nutrition labels, and unhealthy and healthy health habits. The students presented their projects to the class and did an amazing job! Email to find out more information about our ESL program and how our ESL program can help you to improve your English.

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Published on May 25, 2021

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