Why Small Class Sizes Matter

Why Small Class Sizes Matter

Teachers, students, and faculty of education have debated on this topic for years. Does the student to teacher ratio matter when it comes to productive learning? Through research and trials, the general consensus is: YES. A smaller class size has improved not only academic learning, but the social and emotional wellbeing of students and teachers. While most schools cannot just downsize their classes, here at AELS, we are able to provide this class setting. Our students can reap the benefits provided below.

Each student gets noticed by their teacher. With less students to keep track of, teachers can begin to personalize learning goals for each student. They can observe and assess students and provide timely feedback that will allow the student to fix, understand, and enhance their learning. There is time for students to have one on one with the teacher. This allows students to share any personal struggles or concerns they are not comfortable sharing with the class.

Furthermore, a small class increases the sense of community and belonging. There is nowhere to hide in a small classroom. No blending in behind students or sitting in the back. Students are able to connect with one another and not just with the teacher. Students understand and sympathize with each other because they are on the same path. Everyone in the class is there to increase their English skills. Once they grow comfortable with each other they are able to share their own ideas, opinions, and perspectives freely. The more their confidence grows, the more their English skills grow and vice versa.

Additionally, the better results are gained through small class size learning. Learning English and boosting conversation skills are not all about the grades, but measuring your successes to move onto higher learning is achieved this way. If the TOEFL or American college/university is your goal, small class sizes ensure focus learning and keeping all students engaged. There is less disruption in the classroom and it is a quieter environment. All students have more opportunities to participate and even learn from each other.

Small class sizes work for the teachers as well. Teachers are less likely to suffer from “burnout”, the feelings of exhaustion, mental and emotional fatigue when there is too much stress in one’s life. With a smaller number of students to instruct and guide, teachers can feel content knowing that each of their students is getting the education they deserve. The environment of the classroom is set by the teacher, and so a stress-free educator is ideal.

Quality education is important here at AELS. Keeping our class sizes small is one way we show our students their academic achievements matter. Improving your English speaking skills is important. We understand that coming abroad to a country you are not familiar with can be anxiety inducing. With an intimate class and classmates you can feel secure in the classroom and grow to feel secure outside of it. Small classes work, come try it for yourselves. Please email info@aels.edu for more information about how to get started.

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Published on September 20, 2021

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