Comparatives vs. Superlatives Adjectives

Comparatives vs. Superlatives  Adjectives
We use comparatives and superlatives to express how nouns, I.e., people, places, and things, are different from each other. Comparative adjectives are used to describe how only two nouns are different, and superlative adjectives are used to show the difference between one noun and all others of its kind. We form comparatives and superlatives based on the number of syllables in each adjective and whether the word ends in y. There are also “irregular” adjectives that follow their own set of rules. See the chart below to get an idea of the different rules, then read some examples.


One – Syllable Adjective
She is slower than him. She is the slowest runner.
He is faster than her. He is the fastest runner.
One – Syllable ends in –e
The bus showed up later today. The 22 bus is the latest bus.
The Queen is wiser than the King. The Queen is the wisest.
One – Syllable consonant + short vowel + consonant
The door is bigger than the window. The whale is the biggest mammal.
It is hotter today than yesterday.     Phoeniz, Az is the hottest city in the U.S.
Two Syllables ending in Y
The spider is luckier than the fly. Red is the luckiest color.
The lake is prettier than the pond. The ocean is the prettiest.
Two or more syllables
Chanel is more expensive than Prada.           Louis Vuitton is the most expensive.
Morocco is more interesting than the U.S. Iceland is the most interesting country.
Common Exceptions
Ice cream is better than a salad. Ice cream is the best.
A broken bone is worse than a sprain. A broken bone is the worst.

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Published on October 5, 2021

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