Practicing English Every Day

Practicing English Every Day

Although practicing your English every day can often seem monotonous and boring at best, there are several ways to make practicing it more interesting and fun. Simply stated, one must intuitively tap into his own creative juices by exploring the fine art of using his imagination.

To begin, the most obvious mode of practice is to read, read, and read. For, as you know, practice makes perfect…the more you read, the likelier you will expand your vocabulary and improve your spelling.  A 2nd means of practicing English is finding a friend to keep score with in a flashcard contest of vocabulary words. Winning at something always stirs up motivation and provokes learning. A 3rd way to stimulate your interest in practicing English is playing your hand at the age-old game of scrabble. That is most always methodically challenging because it causes you to think. 

Even a simple conversation with a good friend on currently held hot topics can be a challenging and fun way to practice. Watching educationally inspired you-tube videos on the subject of English is also an informative means of practice. Visual imagery is always more effective in helping one to retain information. A couple more ways of arousing your intellect and energizing your mood for English practice are singing a karaoke song or wrap song.

A song most assuredly helps it “stick”. And finally, watching a movie with sub-titles or rehearsing a drama script out loud with a scene partner inexplicably brings the essence of practicing English to life. 

As one can see, practicing English doesn’t always have to be so predictably dull. No matter how you pull the punches in avoiding the practice of English, it only takes a tweak of your imagination to tap into the amusing techniques and mechanisms of practice.

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Published on January 11, 2022

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