Ways to Study Vocabulary

Ways to Study Vocabulary

Learning vocabulary is an extremely important part of learning any language. However, there are so many strategies on how to learn and retain vocabulary. Check out these different strategies and see which one works for you! 

1.    Read a book 

This is a common strategy and works well with people that enjoy reading. Also, keep in mind that the book doesn’t even have to be educational. Sometimes when you are reading for pleasure, you might encounter a word that you don’t know. When this happens, you can either use context clues or look up the word in the dictionary. 

Using context clues is a strategy that uses the words around the unknown word and makes you formulate a definition based on how the word is used.  Looking up the word in the dictionary works too and if you are reading from an e-reader or kindle, even better! E-readers have a dictionary installed into it so you can highlight the word you don’t know and it will give you its definition. 

However, some people don’t enjoy reading so if you don’t, try this next strategy! 

2.    Use it in a Sentence 

This strategy is a great way to not only learn the word and what it means, but also learn how to use it. Writing the word in a sentence allows you to take that extra step and learn the word instead of just memorizing it. It also helps you know when to use the word in the right context which is something that a lot of language students struggle with, especially when a word has multiple meanings. 

Once you learn a new word, use it in a couple different sentences to see if it makes sense. Not only will it help you learn the word, it will also help you practice your writing. 

3.    Watch an English TV Show 

If you don’t like reading, watching any English television show will help with learning vocabulary immensely! This is a fun way to not only learn vocabulary, but to also learn some American culture as well. Turn the show on, make sure to play it with subtitles, and write down any words that you don’t know the meaning of. Once the show is over, look up all the words that you wrote down and learn their definitions. 

Instead of watching any random television show, choosing to watch an American television show instead will allow you to have fun and study at the same time! 

4.    Play Word Games 

Did you learn a bunch of different vocabulary words this week? 

A great way to learn and use them in a fun way, is to use them in a word game with your friends or family. Scrabble is always a great word game to play, but there are so many other board games that work with practicing vocabulary as well. Some other games to practice your vocabulary include: Quiddler, Bananagrams, and Boggle. 

Playing a word game to practice your vocabulary not only will help you learn the word and how to use it correctly, but it also allows you to have fun with friends and family. 

5.    Apply the Vocab Word to Your Daily Life 

You learned the word and have used it in a sentence, now what? The next step will be to apply it to your daily life. What that means is that you need to use it in your everyday conversation. Use it when you are on the phone with a friend or use it in a work email if you can. Find somewhere that the words fit into your daily routine and it will do wonders for your studying.  

Using it in your daily vocabulary will allow you to remember the word, and you will also be able to teach your friends and family the word. 

These are great strategies to apply for learning any type of vocabulary and be an successful AELS student!

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Published on January 14, 2022

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