Study Tips for Finals

Study Tips for Finals

This week, our students at American English Language School will be reviewing their previous units in preparation for finals week! They will be doing a variety of activities in order to do their best, but studying at home is a huge part of doing well on that final test. Here are some tips to study for any language exam! 

1.    Study A Little Every Day         

We know that a lot of students like to “cram,” all their studying at the very last minute, but according to a lot of different studies, this doesn’t always work. Sometimes cramming can lead to exhaustion which can lead students to not be at their best during the test. In order to stay more alert, students should pick at time each day and study a little and not try to put it all in one day. 

2.    Use your Vocabulary in Conversations with People Outside.          

Another great way to study is to try to use your lesson’s vocabulary outside the classroom. When you use your vocabulary outside the school setting, it makes the words much easier for you to remember and to understand. 

3.    Read an Article 

Sometimes study materials can be boring so instead of just focusing on materials given in class, try to find an article in your language of study of something you’re interested in. This will make studying much more fun. 

4.    Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook 

Are you a busy person with no time to study? Podcasts or even audiobooks are a great way to practice a language and do something else at the same time! 

5.    Watch TV or a Movie 

Watching a movie or television is a fun way to study language! Instead of spending more time on those flashcards, pick a movie or television show that sounds interesting and start watching! 

Pick any of these study tips to get through the terrors of finals week!

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Published on March 14, 2022

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