TOEFL Words to Know

TOEFL Words to Know

The vocabulary section of the TOEFL can be seen by some test takers as the most challenging. As you take the test, you may realize that there are many words that you do not know, and that can seem unnerving. There will be words that you do not know, but do not spend too much time trying to figure out what each word means. For the words that you will need to know to understand the text, the test will give you the definition. However, it is a good idea to keep expanding your vocabulary to help you do better on the test. Here are some common words that you might see while taking the TOEFL test. 

1.      Corrode: To be slowly weakened by chemical reactions

2.      Simulation: An imitation or representation

3.      Discretely: Separately; distinctly

4.      Antipathy: A strong, long-lasting negative feeling

5.      Capricious: Moving unpredictably from one thing to another

6.      Striking: Very noticeable; easily attracting attention

7.      Trend: A movement in one direction or a widespread change in fashion

8.      Incompetent: Unskilled; lacking the ability to perform a task

9.      Zeal: Enthusiasm; a deep determination to do well

10.   Symbolic: Acting as a sign for some other thing or idea

11.   Decipher: To figure out the meaning, even though it is written in a code or an unknown language

12.   Advent: Coming; arrival

13.   Ambiguous: Having more than one possible meaning

14.   Dimension: A direction or surface along which something can be measured; an aspect

15.   Intrinsic: Being part of the basic nature of something

16.   Hedonistic: Excessively interested in seeking pleasure

17.   Rebel: To go against an established system or authority

18.   Despise: Hate very much

19.   Stigmatize: To mark with a visible feature that makes other people think, perhaps incorrectly, that someone or something is wrong

20.   Berate: To say insulting and disrespectful things 

Continuing to study for the TOEFL will help you to improve your score. Memorize these vocabulary words and try to use them in sentences or in a conversation. If you would like to prepare for the TOEFL in a group setting, email for more information about our TOEFL preparation course!

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Published on April 19, 2022

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