How Small Classes Benefit You

How Small Classes Benefit You

At American English Language School, our ESL classes are limited in size. We strive to keep our class sizes limited in order to provide students with the best educational experience. Traveling to California to study abroad can be a stressful experience; you don’t want your new classes to add to the stress. Teachers and students can both agree there are multiple benefits to having a small number of students in your class. Here are some benefits that you will only find at AELS! 

The first benefit to a small class is teachers’ ability to give attention to each of their students. When you are in a class with a massive amount of students, it is hard to get your teacher’s attention. Students can easily fall behind and teachers may not even be able to notice because they have too many students. In comparison, a teacher with a small number of students can easily see which students are participating and which are failing to keep up. Teachers can help the students who are falling behind more easily when there are fewer students in the classroom. 

Being in a smaller class also helps students to feel more comfortable participating and answering questions. Larger classes with a lot of students can feel intimidating and shy students may not want to participate. When students are in a smaller classroom with the same classmates, it creates a more relaxed environment and makes students more confident to participate. 

And lastly, a smaller class allows students to have plenty of opportunities to practice! In a large classroom with 15-20 students, the teacher cannot have every student participate in all of the activities. Moreover, in a smaller classroom, it is easier to have group discussions with all of the students. Students will be able to practice their speaking throughout the day with others. 

Now that you have read about some of the benefits that AELS can offer with its smaller class sizes, you can now experience it for yourself. Email for more information about our ESL classes and how to get started today!


Published on May 6, 2022

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