Conversations in the Classroom

Conversations in the Classroom

Attending American English Language School is not a typical classroom experience.  It is an opportunity to grow and learn in an educationally driven and student center-focused environment that not only seeks to promote daily conversation of English in the classroom but to include circles of discussion on topics related to all aspects of pop-culture in America with learning the language in an environment that includes a small teacher to student ratio.

We believe that communication in the classroom should mirror real life as much as possible while learning English. Not only do we navigate through the textbook and workbook, but we read articles, write about those articles, and foster meaningful discussions between students.

We strategically aim to allow students to take control of their learning by engaging in and collaborating with each other and the instructor. Communication and collaboration skills are essential for real life. It is the key to success. Studies have found that when students physically engage and verbally interact with the class material, they achieve a greater sense of learning and thus do better on their exams. 

When students cohesively work together on group projects and group discussions as they do, they are also more likely to succeed in English with their real-world experiences. For example, in the working environment, collaboration is key. It doesn’t come easy for some students to participate, but our caring and attentive teachers will bring out the best in each student to actively participate through the common thread of American culture.

It has become evident that students learn more when they actively participate in discussion as opposed to just listening. Simply stated, learning English takes more than just listening to lectures.

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Published on June 6, 2022

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