Summer Idioms

Summer Idioms

Idioms are phrases that English speakers use in everyday conversation, but don’t always make sense if they are pulled apart, word by word. Here are some common idioms that are associated with summer to add to your conversational vocabulary. 

1.    To take a shine to someone 

This English idiom refers to when  to like or feel attracted to someone you’ve just met, especially in a romantic sense. Usually these feelings happen right away. 

For example: My brother has really taken a shine to you. 

2.    Thrown in at the deep end 

When we say this phrase, in reference to the deep end of a pool where you can’t stand up and are forced to swim because you can’t reach the bottom. This idiom means to put someone in a new situation or under pressure, without proper preparation or introduction. 

For example: I was really thrown in at the deep end on my first day of work! 

3.    A drop in the ocean 

This English idiom is used to mean a small amount of something compared to what is needed or that they need something more. 

For example: Thirty thousand dollars is a drop in the ocean when you think about the millions that will be spent on this film. 

4.    Like water off a duck’s back 

This English idiom is used to say that things such as criticisms or insults do not affect or bother someone, perhaps because they have dealt with a lot of them before. They simply slide off of the person, like water sliding off a duck’s back. 

For example: Allie constantly criticizes her daughter, but she ignores it and the criticism is like water off a duck’s back. 

5.    Like a fish out of water 

This English idiom refers to the feeling of being uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation.  

For example: I went to a party, and I really felt like a fish out of water because I had nothing in common with those people. 

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Published on June 16, 2022

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