Culture Week

Culture Week

At American English Language School, not only do we want our students to learn grammar and vocabulary, we also want them to learn things that would be useful outside of the classroom. We strive for students to have the ability to flourish in the United States instead of just flourishing inside the classroom. In order for our students to develop this skill, our curriculum is based on learning everyday English and we have activities outside the classroom. Our major activities take place during the last week of the quarter called culture week which is this week! 

During culture week, we plan a variety of activities for our students to enjoy that do not include a book. The first day of culture week is when we ask our students to come and bring an article or video into class to share so students can learn about everyday culture in America. On the second day of culture week, we go out somewhere, whether a mall or museum, so that our students can use their English in an outdoor setting and have fun with one another. During the third day of culture week, we have a guest speaker come and speak to our students about their job or experiences that will help our students after they are finished with our program. We also have a potluck on this day where students bring food from their culture and we share with each other. 

The fourth day of culture week, we watch an English movie together at Optimus. The teacher will go over vocabulary from the movie before they watch so that students can gain a better understanding of it. After the movie is over, we will discuss the movie to gain more speaking practice. The final day of culture week is when students and teachers go to lunch at a restaurant so that students can practice ordering and will get to experience food they haven’t tried before. Culture week is a very important experience for our students because it allows them to experience things that are beyond the classroom. 

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Published on June 23, 2022

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