Acronyms and Abbreviations to Know

Acronyms and Abbreviations to Know

You will hear acronyms and abbreviations every day in conversations with others (through talking, texts, email, etc.). Abbreviations are shortened words that typically end with a period, while acronyms are abbreviations formed from the first letters of multiple words or phrases. Acronyms are considered abbreviations. However, not every abbreviation is an acronym. An abbreviation example would be using “Mon.” instead of “Monday.” An example of an acronym would be using “AELS” for American English Language School. 

Our society likes to talk or text in abbreviations and acronyms to make communication faster, especially when texting. Why type out “I need to study at American English Language School as soon as possible.” Instead, you can write, “I need to study at AELS ASAP.” Want to know more? Keep reading for 10 common acronyms and abbreviations you can use in everyday conversations. 

1.      ASAP (As Soon As Possible): If you see or hear ASAP, this means they want you to do something as quick as you can. You will hear ASAP everywhere you go.

2.      LMK (Let Me Know): If you are trying to make plans with someone or need some information from a friend, you can use LMK. It’s a simple way to ask for confirmation.

3.      DOB (Date of Birth): DOB is used when filling out paperwork. It is simply the date of your birth.

4.      RSVP (Répondez S’il Vous Plait): You will commonly see this on invitations. It means that the hosts are asking you to let them know if you will be attending their event.

5.      ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): ETA is used to ask someone what time they will be arriving. Typically, if someone is traveling and will need a ride, they will be asked their ETA.

6.      TBA (To Be Announced): TBA is used when you are trying to plan something but do not have all of the information to give exact details. For example, you plan to through a housewarming party but are not sure when you will be done unpacking, so you will need to say you are having a housewarming party TBA.

7.      BRB (Be Right Back): BRB is common to use among friends just to say that you are leaving for a few minutes and will be back soon.

8.      AKA (Also Known As): AKA is used for people who may have a nickname or alias they go by rather than their real name.

9.      DIY (Do It Yourself): With the sudden rise of people staying home, DIY has become very popular. Instead of calling a professional for repairs or buying new things, some people began to do things themselves. There are also many DIY videos online for people interested in fixing something broken, crafting something new, and countless other projects..

10.   TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday): You will hear this all around the workplace and with your friends. TGIF is used to show your enthusiasm that the work week is over and the weekend has arrived.

Now that you have learned some new abbreviations and acronyms, you can try them out yourself. You will hear them all around you with your friends, coworkers, family, and even within our ESL program! Since the focus of our ESL program is conversation, you will have plenty of opportunities to use these different abbreviations. If you are interested in finding more information about enrolling in ESL courses in Los Angeles, visit our website American English Language School today! 

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Published on July 5, 2022

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