Words in Advertisements

Words in Advertisements

Our students previously went over the different places to purchase goods and services, how to interpret advertisements, compare different purchasing methods, and how to be smart consumers. Students looked at different advertisements and discussed the similarities and differences. They also compared advertisements from different businesses offering the same service. Lastly, students even created their own advertisements based on their own company. 

We see advertisements everywhere! They are on our televisions, phones, computers, buses, billboards, and we even see them when we are outside taking a walk. However, there may be some words or phrases used in ads that you don’t understand.  

1.      Consumer: A person who buys products or services for their own use.

2.      Product Endorsement: When a celebrity or otherwise famous person publicly supports a product.

3.      Jingle: A catchy song or tune used to promote a product.

4.      Prime time: This is considered the time when there will be the largest audience to show a product or service

5.      Press release: A company or person’s official statement giving further information on a certain matter.

6.      Misprint: A misprint is when there has been an error in a printed text.

7.      Ratings: A measurement of a program’s listening or viewing audience. Higher ratings mean a higher amount of people are watching or listening.

8.      Logo: A symbol or design used to identify a company.

9.      Point of sale: This is the palace where goods are sold or purchased.

10.   Market Leader: The company or product which outsells its competitors.

You may hear these words all over and will learn more in our ESL program! If you are interested in finding more information about enrolling in ESL courses in Los Angeles or Orange County, visit our website American English Language School or email info@aels.edu!

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Published on August 24, 2022

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