Prepare for a New Quarter

Prepare for a New Quarter

The last quarter of the new year is about to start at AELS, do you feel prepared? Getting ready for a new quarter can be exciting, but also a little distressing. If you are feeling a little anxious about this new quarter, check out these tips to better prepare yourself for days full of study and less stress. 

1.    Read a Book or Watch a Show on Your List in English 

Before the chaos of assigned reading material, new vocabulary words, and study dates, pick a book to read or a show you would like to watch. By doing something that you enjoy prior to the craziness of the new quarter, you are more relaxed, happy and ready to start class. You also will have something to talk about with your classmates during break time! 

2.    Clean Your Space and Check Your School Supplies 

Starting off the new quarter is stressful enough, just imagine if your homelife was just as distressing! Make sure that you choose a clean and quiet place to study for the new quarter. Having a quiet and tidy place to study will guarantee you a better time at getting things done! 

You should also make sure that you have the correct supplies for class and for studying. A notebook, multiple pens and pencils, highlighters, and index cards are an important part of being a successful student. If you don’t have the proper supplies, this might affect how well you do during the quarter. 

3.    Plan Your Commute 

If you are starting a new quarter at a new school or you are new to AELS, make sure to check directions and where your class will be. Planning this beforehand allows you to feel much more relaxed for the first day of school. 

If your commute to school is longer than thirty minutes, make a playlist of your favorite songs or pick a podcast to listen to on the drive. This will give you something to look forward to on the commute to school and happy to start the day. 

4.    Get at least 7 hours of sleep 

Getting enough sleep is very important for any successful student because it increases your chance of staying focused on your work, longer. Getting enough sleep also allows students to create better memories so they can remember more of what they learned in class and what they studied on their own. 

Any of these tips is a wonderful way to start the new quarter off! 

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Published on September 23, 2022

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