Phrases about Money

Phrases about Money

Last week, students learned about strategies to create and maintain financial stability, such as reducing debt, saving money, identifying investment strategies, maintaining good credit, and protecting against identity theft. They went over various common knowledge that everyone should know about. One of our ESL program’s goals is to provide the highest quality English-language learning experience for students who wish to live, work, or study in an English-speaking environment. Learning about money is important, and one topic that our students focus on is idioms about money. Keep reading to learn some common idioms and phrases to use when talking about money. 

“A fool and his money are soon parted”

When someone is irresponsible or unwise with their money, it is very likely that they will lose that money very quickly. 

“It’s a steal”

If you use this phrase to describe an item, it means the item’s price is on sale or lower than the usual price. 

“Strapped for cash”

This means you have very little money or even no money at all. 

“Bang for your buck”

You can use this phrase to mean you want to get the best value out of something that you paid for. For example, using an item you paid for in more than one way to get the most out of it. 

“All that glitters is not gold”

Another phrase with a similar meaning is ‘If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’ These phrases mean just because something looks good or seems foolproof, doesn’t mean it is. Looks can be deceiving, so it’s good to be cautious. 

“In the red”

This is never a good situation. In the redmeans to be in debt or otherwise constantly losing more money than you are making. 

“Go dutch”

When going out with a friend or potential love interest on a date, it is common for the man to purchase the meal, tickets, etc. However, to go dutch means the two people going out will split the cost of whatever activity they are doing. 

If you are interested in learning more idioms and phrases, our ESL program focuses on a new topic each week. And with our smaller class sizes, students will be able to practice their speaking constantly. If you are interested in finding more information about enrolling in ESL courses in Los Angeles, visit our website American English Language School or email today!

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Published on December 9, 2022

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