Internship Program


Looking to gain more experience in the workforce and using English in a professional setting? Then look no further. Our students who have completed Level 5 of our ESL program will have the opportunity to apply to be a part of our PAID internship program! There are many benefits to joining this program. Interns will be able to practice English in a professional setting and gain more experience in the workforce, interact with our native English-speaking teachers and students, and earn some money!

During the program, interns will work at a school that aims to help students from kindergarten through middle school achieve their academic goals by providing a variety of classes ranging from math and reading to foreign language, music and computer science. Interns will get plenty of work experience and English practice by interacting with native English-speaking students and teachers, helping to teach classes, assisting with office and administration work, and attending and contributing during staff meetings. The wide array of responsibilities available for interns helps them sharpen their knowledge in speaking and writing English and allow them to utilize the special skills and interests they already have.


Interns’ responsibilities are flexible and will vary based on each intern’s skills sets. All responsibilities will allow interns to interact with our native English-speaking teachers and students and to apply their knowledge from AELS to new environments.


Office/Administration Work

The program duration will be 3 months, beginning at the start of each quarter. It is a great chance for our former ESL Level 5 graduates to continue practicing their English skills to help them gain more confidence before joining the workforce or college, with added benefits such receiving pay for their work and making new and meaningful connections with others.

To take part in this amazing opportunity, apply to learn English at AELS today! For more information about our internship program, please contact