About Us




American English Language School (AELS) is an English language school in Los Angeles, one of the most comfortable areas to live in California. Since its creation in 2008, AELS has made every effort to find the most effective educational methods with the goal of teaching local American English. As a result of these efforts, AELS has developed an educational system that incorporates its own educational philosophy.

Our Mission

American English Language School's mission is to provide the highest quality English-language learning experience for students who want either conversational or academic proficiency in order to live, work, or study in an English-speaking environment. By maintaining a low student/instructor ratio and a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on life skill development and cultural immersion, we ensure that the AELS experience is uniquely rewarding for our students.


AELS runs an ESL program tailored to specific topics and situations with the goal of providing you with the confidence to speak English in your everyday life.

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Accreditation and License

American English Language School is a nationally accredited language school and is in compliance with the Accreditation Act. This sets us apart from free or low cost community language classes and ensures we are equipped to provide students with the highest quality education possible.

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Our Students

As the #1 English language school in LA, we set a high standard for our students to ensure they are making the progress necessary for their English success.

Our Teachers

Our English teachers must be highly qualified and educated to meet the high demands of American English Language School and our students.

DOJ & FBI Clearance

Providing a safe learning environment for our students is of the utmost concern for American English Language School and is taken into account when making every hiring decision. So, prior to hiring any new employees, AELS requires a background check be performed on every applicant.

Student Services

It can be difficult to navigate the setup of a new life here in a new country. American English Language school will be there to help I-20 students through this stressful time.