Our Teachers


AELS and its students demand a lot from our teachers, so they must be highly qualified. All of our ESL teachers are 100% native speakers who must have sufficient knowledge of the English language acquisition process, understand the difficulties encountered when learning English as an adult, and understand the cultural background of English and use this knowledge for effective English teaching.

To ensure our teachers are qualified to teach, they must have a minimum of a BA or BS degree in an English-related field from a fully accredited four-year university. They must also have an English language teaching certificate (such as TESOL), and sufficient ESL training and teaching experience. By setting ambitious standards for our teachers, AELS ensures that students are getting the best English learning experience possible.

However, even though the impact of ESL teachers is clearly important for learning English, not all schools employ ESL teachers with the appropriate professional training. It is a fact that many of the language schools are hiring people who are not English language majors and people who are not even native speakers. As you might imagine, the lessons taught by these non-professional ESL teachers are inferior in both quality and efficiency.

In addition to these qualifications, our ESL teachers must have a passion and commitment to teaching ESL as a profession. All AELS instructors are strong communicators and listeners, engaging, empathetic, patient, and attentive in managing student performance. Our ESL instructors understand the situation of international students. They maintain good relations with students, provide necessary help, give advice, and identify weaknesses in students to help them improve their English.

Additionally, and most importantly, all our instructors love to teach!