Vacation Policy


Our schedule permits students to have one week of break time between each quarter. Their next quarter will then start the following Monday after their week off. For example, if they start on Monday, January 6th, they will end the class on Friday, March 27th. Then they have a 1-week vacation. When the vacation week is over, they will start the next quarter on Monday, April 6th.

Students who enroll for at least 1-year (4 quarters) are permitted to take a 1-quarter (3 months) vacation after completing 3-quarters consecutively. For example, if a student completes quarters 1, 2, and 3 (9 months), they are allowed to take a 3-month break during quarter 4. When their 1-quarter break is finished, they will resume studying when the next quarter begins. We care about the progress our students make, and we have found that breaks longer than a week can cause learning loss and a decrease in motivation. That is why we only allow for longer breaks after a longer sustained period of learning.