Our Students


Despite the false advertising used by some schools, there are NO SHORTCUTS to learning English. There are NO GIMMICKS that can make you learn English overnight. It takes hard work, commitment, and dedication to a program to really improve your English.

There are many students who enroll in a language program solely to keep their F-1 visa status. Those who desire nothing more than that are not a good fit for our program. American English School expects our students to take learning English seriously. We are looking for students who are committed to improving their English speaking and writing. Our classes incorporate lots of English conversation during class and require students to actively participate. This is possible because of our small class sizes that allow students to practice their spoken English with their classmates and native English speaking teacher. Students should attend class regularly, actively participate in class discussions for the sake of their own and their classmates’ English language learning.

Because we uphold the highest classroom standards to ensure the best learning environment, we expect our students to maintain these standards for themselves. Only then can we help students learn English to their highest potential and lead them to success.

If you are passionate about learning and improving English, we would love to have you. Apply for an ESL course today!

Desired in AELS Students Unacceptable at AELS
✔️ Serious about learning English ❌ Attends class only to maintain visa status
✔️ Self-Motivated ❌ Needs constant reminders to do their work
✔️ Attends class regularly and participates daily ❌ Frequently misses class
✔️ Hardworking ❌ Low to no effort expended
✔️ Looks for every opportunity to practice English ❌ Fails to practice English outside of class
✔️ Attentive and asks questions ❌ Repeatedly asks for reiteration
✔️ Maintains good to excellent grades ❌ Constantly receives poor grades
✔️ Understands the value of a quality education ❌ Values a lower price over quality