Placement Test


A placement test is required before you start your ESL/TOEFL class. The test costs $100. However, if you decide to enroll in our ESL program, the $100 will be credited toward your tuition. (* Tuition is expected to be paid in full on the date of your placement test.)

The placement test consists of multiple-choice reading and listening questions and a speaking section. The speaking section will ask you 10-20 questions about different topics.

Based on your reading, listening, and speaking scores, we will choose the lowest level score that you receive and place you in that level. For example, if you score at level 4 for reading, but at level 3 for listening, you will be placed in the level 3 class. We do this so you will not fall behind, but improve in the areas you are not as strong in. If we were to place you in level 4, you may do well in reading English, but when doing an English listening activity, you may find it too difficult and fall behind in class. Your ESL class should be challenging and fun, but not a struggle to complete.

The placement test shows us what English skills you are strong and weak in. This will let the teacher know where to challenge you and where to help. Overall, the placement tests will give us a baseline and you can only improve from there.