F-1 Transfer Students: How to Apply

Transfer Student Discount

We are now offering discounts for transfer students! Students that transfer from another school receive $500 off of their tuition. Additionally, they will receive $100 off for each friend that they refer to us. When a student is referred by an existing student, the new student will also receive $500 off of their tuition.

Transfer Process

Choosing a language school that best fits your needs requires research. However, after spending some time at your current school, you may realize it is not the right fit for you. If you find yourself in this position, you may wonder if continuing is a good option. The good news is that if you are unsatisfied with your current school, you can transfer to another school better suited for you. When you transfer to AELS, you receive the best English learning experience possible and save hundreds on tuition. No other language schools will provide quality education at such an affordable price! We make it easy for students to transfer language schools, and even offer a transfer student discount of $500 (or more).

Step 1: Submit the Documents

* Your bank statement must be according to this chart. The balance requirement reflects how many quarters you're planning to take.

Bank Statement Balance
1 Quarter $6,600 or more
2 Quarters $13,200 or more
3 Quarters $19.800 or more
4 Quarters $26,400 or more

Step 2: Pay the Application Fee and Tuition Deposit

Application Fee: $150 and Tuition Deposit: $200

Step 3: Fill Out SEVIS I-20 Transfer Form

Once we have confirmed your payment, AELS will send you an Acceptance Letter and SEVIS I-20 Transfer Information. After your SEVIS record is released to us, AELS will issue you a new I-20 form.

Why Transfer to American English Language School?

When you are at other language schools, you may find that you are not getting enough practice because there are so many other students in the class, or you aren’t getting enough interactions with your teacher because they are busy with other students. At AELS, our classes have an average of 5-6 students to make you feel more comfortable participating while also receiving immediate feedback from your teacher. And all our qualified teachers are 100% native English speakers with an English related degree and TESOL certification.

Another reason that students might want to transfer is the school’s location. To commute back and forth between your home and school may be longer or more difficult than you thought, or you might just find the city unsatisfying. AELS is located in Brea, a very safe and diverse city with its own police department and friendly city that has shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and theaters all within walking distance of AELS.

When you transfer to AELS, you will have smaller classes with qualified teachers all at a more affordable price than you will receive anywhere else. So, what do you need to do to transfer to AELS? It is a fairly simple process, and we can help you with any questions concerning how to transfer, transfer requirements, how to transfer I-20 to another school, and any other questions related to the transfer process.

After Completing American English Language School's ESL Program

After you have completed your program of study, you have a 60-day grace period. Your grace period ends 60 days after the end of your I-20 or your completion of a program of study. This grace period allows you to prepare for your departure, transfer schools, change your visa status, or start a new program.

During your grace period, you may decide you would like to continue studying at another school. If the time between the end of your program and the start of your new program is less than 5 months, you are allowed to remain in the U.S., but you have to maintain your status by registering for classes and also contacting the new Designated School Official (DSO) within 15 days of the start of your new program.

If the time between programs is more than 5 months, your new school will have to issue you a new I-20 form with a new SEVIS number. You will have to go back to your home country within the 60-day grace period, and you can return 30 days before the start of your new program. Initiating a transfer during your grace period avoids you having to pay the SEVIS fee again and allows you to stay in the U.S.