College Pathway Program


Since our founding in 2008, American English Language School has maintained an upstanding reputation of helping students reach a high level of English proficiency. As a result, we have formed special agreements called Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with accredited colleges and universities across the USA which allow AELS to set up a College Pathway Program for international students who hope to continue their education in America after completing our ESL program.

These agreements allow students who have completed Level 5 of our ESL program (the highest of 6 levels) to be accepted to these schools without taking the TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. These colleges and universities may also issue a Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA) to students planning on attending their school upon completing our ESL program. Schools accept these Level 5 students because they recognize the completion of our ESL program to be equivalent or superior to scoring a passing grade on the TOEFL in order to transfer to their college.

Students attend American English Language School for much less money than most college ESL programs and get a more personalized and in-depth English learning experience. Enroll in our intensive English classes to improve your English more quickly, and you will be GUARANTEED admission to any college or university in our list of partner schools! Transferring to college as an international student has never been easier and stress free!

You can demonstrate your English proficiency by submitting our certificate of completion to be accepted by one of the following universities/colleges (TOEFL Score NOT Required):

Our list of partner schools