How Does Optimus Choose the Best Teachers?

How Does Optimus Choose the Best Teachers?

How Does Optimus Language School in Orange County Choose the Best Teachers?


We know the incredible value of having a great teacher in each and every one of our ESL classes. So, we make it our number one priority when hiring new ESL teachers to make sure they meet our expectations. There are three key factors in our hiring process that help us to ensure that we are hiring knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers.


The first factor we take into account is a teacher’s past experience with teaching ESL and his or her knowledge of teaching techniques specific to language learning. In addition to our requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in a language-related field, we also require that our teachers be TESOL-certified (or hold a Masters degree in TESOL).


The next factor comes into play during our hiring process when we ask potential candidates to take a variety of verbal and written tests to confirm their English proficiency, their ability to make proper corrections, and their communication skills as they pertain to being able to explain errors. We then have an extensive two-week training period to get our teachers ready to deliver our program effectively. They become familiar with our expectations of quality and the specific materials they will be using to teach our program. In addition, we require each of our teachers to complete a Live Scan before beginning their teaching position with us. This is to make sure that our teachers provide a safe environment for our students.


Finally, we observe teachers often to make sure they are delivering what our mission statement promises and helping our students to reach their English goals. While observations are more frequent during a new teacher’s first quarter, observations continue to take place each quarter as long as the person continues teaching at Optimus Language School in Orange County. Even students have a chance to give feedback on their teachers!


Published on August 10, 2016

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