English Idioms #4

English Idioms #4

Successes, and sometimes failures, are a part of our everyday lives. We are constantly facing new challenges and could use some great idioms to describe our situations.



-pass with flying colors: to do very well on an exam or some kind of test

-landslide victory/ to win by a landslide: a very strong win against a weaker competitor (especially in an election or sporting event)

-to move up in the world: to be successful in a way that lets you have a better job and lifestyle



-don’t quit your day job: if you say this to someone, it means you think they are not very good at what they are doing and that they will fail soon

-back to square one/ back to the drawing board: to start over and try to come up with a new idea after the first idea failed

-cut your losses: to stop trying because you are failing


A Few Business Idioms

-sink or swim: to be a in a situation in which you will either fail terribly (“sinking”) or succeed wonderfully (“swimming”)

-make or break: something that makes or breaks you will either make you very successful or will cause you to fail

-to get your foot in the door: to have a connection that will help you become successful in a new job


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Published on August 17, 2016

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