Let’s Chat!: Why Conversation is so Important to Optimus

Let’s Chat!: Why Conversation is so Important to Optimus

As a language center, Optimus strives to create a program that all language students can see a use for. It can seem like the English language is so complex that mastering it as a non-native speaker would be near impossible. At Optimus Language School in Orange County, California, we aim to show all of our students the practical side of the language by teaching them skills that they can use in everyday life here in the United States.

With a practical mindset at the forefront of our mission here at Optimus Language School, it is easy to see how conversation would gain an elevated importance. While advanced vocabulary and writing skills are a valid part of any program, our program included, we choose to emphasize basic and practical conversation skills because they are immediately useful. Simple day-to-day activities like going to a restaurant or shopping at the grocery store become more complicated, even intimidating, when a foreign student cannot effectively communicate. It is our goal here at Optimus to instill a sense of confidence in all of our students when they travel out to experience American culture first hand.

Conversation is made up of two basic language acquisition skills: Speaking and listening. Our small ratio classes make it possible for us to devote time and effort to these two aspects of language learning in a way that higher ratio classes cannot. With a maximum class size of four students, we have the unique ability here at Optimus to spend time improving on aspects such as pronunciation, grammar, and intonation. Combine this with a curriculum designed around practical, day-to-day subject matters, and it is easy to see how our students gain the advantage of learning aspects of the English language that they will put into use every day both in and out of the classroom.

Language acquisition is a long road that any student would be ambitious to travel down. While all aspects of language possess their own importance, it is our opinion here at Optimus that we should first focus our efforts on the most immediately useful part of our language: conversation. Call, click, or come in today and ask how we can help improve your conversation skills!


Published on September 12, 2016

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