Understanding the SEVP and the SEVIS

Understanding the SEVP and the SEVIS

SEVP stands for student and exchange visitor program. As a student interested in coming to study in the Orange County, California area, the SEVP as well as the SEVIS (student and exchange visitor information system) will be of major importance to you throughout the process of gaining legal entry to as well as staying in the United States. In this blog, we set out to help introduce these two entities to our prospective students in an easy to understand and logical way.

The SEVP is a program that all non-immigrant students wishing to come to the United States must become a part of. As established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), this program allows for monitoring of non-immigrants through use of the SEVIS. Through this program, government agencies can gain any and all essential information they require on all students coming from another country. In a way, this program acts as a bridge between other countries and the United States to help them more easily share information about people from other countries. In addition, the SEVP provides assistance to both students and schools to help them maintain their status in the visa process.

Under the SEVP, the SEVIS is an online system that helps to keep track of the essential information needed for a foreign student to come and stay in the US. After being admitted into an SEVP-certified school in the United States, a student then must take the necessary steps to acquire the appropriate F or M type visa. All records of this process that must be kept are kept online using the SEVIS online system. Furthermore, the SEVIS streamlines the recordkeeping process for schools ensuring both currency and accuracy of all student records. Finally, in the case of a student that may in any way be in violation of their status here in the US, the SEVIS assists in identification of those students and helps the government in taking action against the violator. It is required of most F and M visa type students to pay a mandatory fee before being added to the SEVIS. It is important to keep a copy of the receipt after paying this fee, since it will be an important part of the process when arranging for a visa later on.

While the SEVP and the SEVIS can seem overwhelming and complicated, we at Optimus hope this short introduction will help you down the right path toward a better understanding. In a nutshell, these entities serve to keep track of all students travelling to the United States from other countries as well as essential information about them. By paying the attached fee and becoming a part of the SEVIS, each student takes crucial steps toward realizing their goal of studying in the US.


Published on September 30, 2016

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