The Optimus Language School Portfolio

The Optimus Language School Portfolio

Learning a new language is an undoubtedly difficult journey for any student. As time passes, it can be difficult for students to recognize just how far they have come and how much they’ve learned. By having our students here in the Orange County area keep a comprehensive portfolio, we hope to be able to show them the progress they’ve made on the path to full English mastery.

Each student’s portfolio here at Optimus Language School is made up of four essential parts. First, our student’s weekly writing assignments are kept. Through these writing assignments, our students should be able to see that their spelling, sentence structure, and grammar skills have improved over the course of the quarter. Weekly activity projects are kept as well, showcasing our student’s thorough understanding of subjects from the textbook as well as their creativity. What’s more, every activity project adds an oral presentation element to the classroom. Each student presents their project to the class on a weekly basis, giving the unique opportunity for speaking to be analyzed in a way that only a small ratio classroom could achieve. Adding each student’s listening packet to their portfolio proves that our students can not only read and write English efficiently, but that they can listen to and understand it as well. Finally, each unit test is kept to show just how well our students mastered each subject throughout the quarter. While keeping a portfolio is an effective way for a student to see their grades, we hope that this portfolio can also serve as a tool to motivate our students when they see the progress they have made since the beginning of each quarter.

Throughout the process of learning a new language, it can be difficult at times to know whether or not you are progressing. For this reason, we choose to hold onto assignments that showcase our student’s reading, writing, and listening skills in a convenient and comprehensive portfolio. Our students in the Orange County, California area can keep current with all of their graded assignments, and gain motivation as well through these portfolios. Through knowing what we have done, we can best prepare for what we still need to do.


Published on October 26, 2016

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