Why Native English Speakers?

Why Native English Speakers?

At many language schools, being bilingual is a prerequisite that every teacher must meet to be considered for employment. Most institutions want their employees to speak not only English, but also the dominant language that most students speak at that school. However, at Optimus, we believe native English speaking teachers are the best choice to deliver the most immersive and natural ESL courses, regardless of their ability to speak any other language.

Learning a new language is an ambitious endeavor at any age, but there is something to be said about the language that a person learns from the day they are born. Having lived their whole life in the United States, all of our teachers here at Optimus Language School have grown a lifelong bond with the English language. While the technical aspect of language can be studied upon and learned in textbooks, our teachers are able to take the language learning experience one step further for all of our international students. The knowledge of the English language that can only be gained through spending a lifetime conversing with people who speak it every day means that all of our teachers have mastered not only the technical side of the language, but the practical side as well. It is surely no secret that the English language is among the most difficult languages in the world to learn. Many rules learned in textbooks are entirely ignored in typical American conversations. Slang terms abound throughout the English language, and phrases become slurred together to quicken the pace of speech. Having spent their lifetimes in the US, all of our teachers are well equipped to instruct our students on how to decipher these common misuses of the language that make it very difficult to learn and turn it into something they can easily understand.

Mastering the English language is no small task. The employees here at Optimus know this all too well, since they are all native speakers that continue to learn more about the language they speak every day, just like our students do. Insisting on native English speakers for our program means that we have a clear goal in mind: helping our students to understand not only technical English, but practical English as well. Our students all over the Orange County area have thrived under our native English speaking teachers. Call, click, or come in today and ask how our teachers can prepare you to speak English in the real world!


Published on November 21, 2016

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