Private Language Classes

Private Language Classes

In the US, a handful of different options are available for language learning. Private learning institutions, like Optimus Language School in Orange County, California, are a very popular choice for many reasons. This type of language education is offered in a few different ways, all with their own advantages. Which is the best for you as an ESL student?

Some independent private language schools operate on college campuses. This is not to be confused with ESL courses that are organized and run by the college itself. Rather, outside ESL companies lease classrooms on a college campus and utilize them to teach their students. It is often the case that students from other countries travelling to the US do so in the hopes to be a part of our “college experience.” Interacting with American students and using college campus libraries to study are two things a travelling student might benefit from by choosing this route for their education. On the other side of the coin, these classes can become overcrowded, not to mention they are the most expensive choice of any private language learning institution. Putting as many as twenty or thirty students in the same ESL classroom and also charging a high price begs two questions. First: are the students getting their money’s worth? Second: Are they really receiving the individual help that can be so crucial to language acquisition?

A private language school not operating on a college campus would, of course, have to also have its own facilities. It’s true that schools choosing this method may not offer the same opportunity to meet American students, but the classroom benefits to each student, in this case, are far greater. This is the type of learning experience that Optimus Language School offers. Significantly smaller class sizes at a more affordable price mean going this route offers the greatest advantages to each individual learner. Offering what larger classes simply cannot, self-run private language schools give each student the opportunity to speak and listen to the English language as much as possible. In OLS’ case, all teachers were born and raised in the United States, and we boast a class size of just four students. This means we are able to offer each student a unique and customized learning experience, in addition to offering the general instruction you would receive on a college campus that all students benefit from at the same time.

Finally, there are private language schools similar to the previous choice that are far less expensive. While this option offers the lowest price of any private language learning choice, there is surely a reason that these schools are so cheap. In an effort to show that we have not just our own student’s, but all language learning student’s best interest at heart, we suggest that any student considering this option do so with caution. These institutions are infamous for having an inconsistent, constantly changing staff of teachers, and students are often overcharged for textbooks and other materials. In many cases, these facilities are used by students wishing to maintain their visa status, and not by students who want to learn the English language.

Learning the English language in the US affords each student with several options. We hope that this short summation of private language learning institutions will help you to decide which method will work best for you, the student. To discuss even more advantages that Optimus Language School can offer you, call, click, or come in today! 


Published on December 13, 2016

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