Culture Week at OLS

Culture Week at OLS

Another quarter has just come to an end here at Optimus Language School, Orange County, and we couldn’t be happier looking back at all of the hard work our students have done. After making our way through an entire textbook and finishing off finals week, all that was left for our students to do was enjoy culture week! In an effort to provide something that is fun and useful at the same time, our students and teachers traveled outside of the classroom and into real American culture together!

While studying hard is a crucial factor here at Optimus Language School, we wanted to offer a way for our students to put their new knowledge of the English language to use in a fun and interactive way. This is where culture week comes in. With a different focus to each day of the week, Monday through Friday, culture week puts our students and staff into different day-to-day situations that are common in America. While one day found our students playing shopping games at popular retail stores and malls, another gave some of our students their first experience at an American movie theater. Lunch time was a great opportunity for our American teachers to share American food with our students. One of our classes tried out pastrami sandwiches while another took a trip to the mall food court to try out some American shopping mall cuisine mainstays! Converging back at Optimus Language School on a daily basis, our classes had a chance to share their experiences and thoughts with the rest of the class and our teachers. These useful trips out into ordinary life in America help to grow our student’s confidence and prove that they can be just as much a part of America as a native speaker can.

In addition to the trips we took, culture week gave our students a chance to share their own interests and culture with the entire classroom. Students had a chance to share their favorite songs, movies, and possessions with the class, and teachers provided fun and thought provoking lessons based on popular American media. The end of quarter potluck was definitely one of the high points of culture week. Everything from spicy kimchi soup to enchiladas made an appearance, both homemade of course. Gathered around a large banquet table, our students and teachers had a chance to share a meal and get to know each other at a level that a classroom does not always afford.

The week has been fun and eventful to say the least, and the memories and experiences our students and teachers alike now share are an invaluable asset to Optimus Language School and its core values. Through culture week here at Optimus, we gain the chance to put into action the heart of our unique curriculum in a way that our students and teachers both love. Culture week has officially come to a close, and we will soon be hard at work again in our classrooms, but we were definitely happy to be able to create this unique learning experience for our students!


Published on December 27, 2016

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