How To: Receiving an I-20 from OLS

How To: Receiving an I-20 from OLS

Once our students have decided that Optimus Language School in Orange County is the right place for them to learn the English language, the next logical question they usually ask is “how can I get my I-20?” The process is quite simple really. In the first edition of our new OLS blog topic “how to,” we will be discussing the process of obtaining an I-20 form from Optimus Language School.

In short, an I-20 form is a means to prove that a student from another country is eligible to stay in the United States as a student. To begin, we ask that our students fill out the standard application that all incoming OLS students must fill out. Next, incoming students need to provide us with two things. First, proof of a valid passport; a scanned copy or a photo can be sent via e-mail. This passport must be valid through the period of time that the student is intending to stay in the United States. Second, a certificate of bank balance is required from either the student or that student’s sponsor that shows a bank balance of at least $26,400. Again, this item can be submitted as a scan or a photo via e-mail. After these documents are in order, some processing fees have to be taken care of. The standard $200 SEVIS I-901 fee, an Optimus application fee of $200, and $100 for express mailing of the actual I-20 to the student brings the fees to a total of $500. These fees are payable via wire transfer or PayPal.

After all documents are in order and all fees have been paid, it’s simply a matter of time before the student receives his or her I-20 form through international mail! In addition to the I-20, an I-901 form is sent as well to prove that payment of the SEVIS fee has gone through. We hope that this short informational blog has shined some additional light on this process that every student must go through before traveling to the United States. Look for more Optimus how to blogs in the future for easy to understand explanations of all sorts of ESL topics!


Published on January 5, 2017

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