Be Your Own Agent

Be Your Own Agent

As a student travelling to the United States to learn, working with an agent to help ease the transition process is extremely common. Today’s Optimus Language School blog asks: is an agent necessary? While use of an agent might create a sense of security in the student’s mind, we at Optimus believe that any international student is more than capable of handling their transition to the States individually.

OLS has already taken steps to prove that any student is capable of handling the process of obtaining a student visa on their own. With a handful of different blog series designed specifically to empower our students, we have explained in detail different aspects of the visa application process. In many cases, the difficulties of becoming a travelling student can be overstated, and students truly believe that the process is beyond their abilities and that an agent is a necessity. While it may be true that the process is one that requires attention and care, outside help is not always a must. As proven by some of the students currently enrolled at Optimus, acquiring a student visa can be done without an agent’s help. The substantial fees that agencies charge inevitably trickle down to the students, making tuition substantially more expensive. By foregoing the use of an agency to acquire new students and help them to transition from their home country to America, OLS is able to offer unbeatable tuition rates to all of our students.

The process of coming to the US for the sake of learning is one that requires attention and care, but it is surely a process that most students are equipped to handle themselves. Our students have travelled to the Orange County area in California from all over the world, and they’ve done so on their own two feet, without the use of an agent. When our students become their own agents, not only do they save money, but they build confidence that they are in control of their own education.


Published on February 13, 2017

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